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Is Pig in Flight one of those anti-MAGA books?

As the 5/29 launch nears and the work to prepare for it collides head on with my desire to do no work, the publishing world continues to reveal itself to me. In a brief interview with a supportive independent bookstore yesterday, the conversation went like this.

Q) Is this an anti-MAGA book?

A) No, the story takes place back in 1968 when Nebraska already accepted that America was great.

Q) Well, it sure looks like an anti-MAGA book with the pig and the flag and all.

A) It’s not. In fact, if anything, this book is pro pig-as-president.

Q) Okay then, is this an anti-Donald Trump book?

A) I appreciate nuance, but no. This author would have to be informed for that to happen. By the way, did I mention this book is partly based on a real story circa 1968?

Q) If this isn’t an anti-Trump book then why is the pig described the way it is?

A) Which way is that?

Q) As orange and drooling and wearing some kind of top hat!

A) It was 1968! That's how everyone looked.

Q) Wait a minute… is this an anti-hippie book?

A) Click

For the record, Pig In Flight is simply a story about a pig who would be President, and a Vietnam Vet who believes it will. But if people choose to read more into it than that, to draw parallels to our current political climate, who am I to argue?

In the end, though, What can the original pig nominated for President teach us about today's politics? Only this: We'd better learn how to laugh!

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