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Mine are stories that hold little sacred told by characters standing on one bad foot, always teetering, always a wet-spot-on-the-floor away from face-planting into the Linoleum. 


Some find them funny, yet (curiously) profound. Others find them deep, but at the same time meaningless. My only hope is that you find them, and read them, and read them aloud, and to other people, and then that you buy them for everyone you know, and they do the same. And in that way, we can change the world together, and wouldn't that be nice. 



3D V1.png
Pig In Flight



Based on the true story of Pigasus, the first pig to be nominated for President!



3D V2.png
Last Stop Ronkonkoma


Finally! A book for people with hearts big enough to loathe the New York Yankees!





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