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Critics and his analyst agree:

Schneider hears voices!

He's funny and moving!!  

Poignant and comically inventive!!

Twisted and wallowing in every word of this!!

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Based on the true story of the original pig nominated for President!


When the nation finds itself hungry for a new kind of leadership, one that, if it can't bridge the divide, can at least add pork to the barrel, a new political party rises from the chaos and its candidate (a pig!) is nominated on national TV. In 1968! It's true! We swear!


But the pig is not safe, man! It is messing with the machine! Its own nominating party wants to barbecue it. The government is hunting it as evidence. The meatpackers circling Chicago seek its bi-products. And caught among them are two Vietnam vets: one who believes America will elect the pig and vows to defend it with his life, and the other who does neither.


Only a narrow escape over the most unlikely of routes - the Appalachian Trail - offers the trio any hope of longevity, but they must survive the government, a trip-wire vet, and their own demons first.

God save the pig!


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Portnoy's Complaint meets

Fear Strikes Out

When the Brooklyn Dodgers defect to Los Angeles, Harry Sisler, an obsessive fan, abandons Brooklyn too, and drags his family to Ronkonkoma, a hamlet rising ten whole feet above the sand in the center of Long Island. There, Harry is more lost than ever.


Fueled by his combative relationships with the Bible and his wife’s faith, Harry plays his own god and takes to declaring prophesies, prophesies that he records carefully in the family bible... to keep score. 


But Harry is god-smacked, and a second son, Tris, is born unexpectedly, a Catholic Surprise.  Harry "sees" the bet and raises, declaring and recording a new prophecy: that this son will become a professional baseball player better than “goddamn DiMaggio”. 


It’s a brilliant friggin' plan except Harry’s wife, Agatha, has been given her own sign, a sign shaped like a garbanzo bean, a sign that her life’s prayer has been answered, a sign that Tris is to become the family’s first Roman Catholic priest.     Let the home-fired tug of war begin.


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